A decentralized gambling platform on the Solana Blockchain.

At Soloon, our goal is to improve the players experience leveraging blockchain technology.

In contrast with traditional casino’s, we provide a fully transparent, provably fair and profit-sharing application with competitive and instant returns to players.


Transparent & Provably Fair

Soloon’s games run on open source smart contracts. Everyone can verify the odds of the games.

The randomness is guaranteed by a VRF from a trusted oracle.

Instant Payout

Solana is one of the fastest yet secure blockchain. It enables the smart contracts to directly transfer the winning bets to the player’s wallet.

Users will not experience never-ending withdrawal procedures anymore.

Privacy & Easy Access

Entering the Soloon is effortless and does not require the players to provide any personal information. Instead, users connect their wallet and can immediatly start betting.

Best Return to Player

Designed by players, for players, we guarantee a competitive house edge. Our low operating costs enable unmatched odds of winning.

Profit Sharing

Soloon is all about giving back to the community. Profit will be shared with loyal gamers through multiple mechanisms.



Research & Development

  • Market research
  • White paper
  • Game development : Coin Flip & Roulette
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Secure key partnerships

Mainnet Launch

  • Multi-wallet integration
  • Increased vault depth & maximum bet size
  • Referral program
  • Marketing Campaign & Community growth

Additional games & Profit sharing

  • New community chosen games
  • VRF integration
  • Smart contract audit
  • Profit sharing NFT mint
  • Tombola

Moving Forward

  • Community developed games with lifetime royalty system
  • Metaverse integration
  • More to be announced (Roadmap 2.0)

Soloon beta is out

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